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Vessel and Cargo Services

POMS can act as a Company Representative to plan and oversee ship load/discharge operations to ensure overall costs are kept to a minimum and that vessels are dispatched within the agreed time.

POMS can take care of all activities required by vessel owner, manager or operator to ensure successful operation and delivery of services whilst in port.

POMS has vast experience in a wide range of Tanker Operational roles including, but not limited to cargo operations, ‘Ship to Ship’ transfers, Independent ‘On board quantity’ measurement, and investigation of quantity /qualitive discrepancies on behalf of owners and charterer’s.

POMS Project cargoes and heavy machinery require particular expertise, experience, and knowledge. POMS can provide co-ordination of and successful outcome of project cargoes reducing overall costs and avoiding costly mistakes.

RoRo Operational Expertise

Cargo Superintendent/Port Captain

Tanker Operations

Project Cargo Management

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