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Our Services

POMS can deliver a wide range of Marine Surveying, Cargo Surveying, Inspection, Port and Vessel & other Cargo Services.  Click on any of the categories to read more

  • Marine Accident Investigation

  • Cargo Surveying

  • Vessel Surveying

  • On/Off-Hire Condition Surveys

  • Bunker Survey

  • Draught Surveys

  • Marine Orders Compliance Surveys

  • Lashing/Securing Surveys on General & Containerised cargoes

  • Cargo Measurement Surveys

  • Cargo Condition Surveys

  • Ship Condition Surveys

  • Cargo Superintendence for all types of cargoes

  • Marine Insurance Claims, Assessments and Investigations.

  • Stevedoring Expertise

  • Port & Harbour Operation Expertise

  • Port Agency & Vessel Husbandry

  • OH&S Risk Assessment Auditing

  • Cargo Superintendent/Port Captain

  • RoRo Operational Expertise

  • Tanker Operations

  • Project Cargo Management

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