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Marine Inspection Services

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Marine Accident Investigation

POMS is able to provide representation for authorities, shipping lines, ship owners, charterers and P&I Clubs to investigate and report on maritime related incidents.

Container Damage is a frequent occurrence and we can investigate and provide full reports on the nature and source of the damage.

Equipment Failure and Damage  will inevitably occur and sometimes it is major equipment failure that requires investigation.

Maritime Incidents  will also occur and we can investigate a range of vessel processes and records to determine the true nature of an incident.

Ship Damage  will occur for any number of reasons. We can investigate the circumstances and provide a full report.

Cargo Surveying

POMS specialises in a variety of cargo surveys including "Lashing Surveys" and "Pre-loading Surveys" on a wide range of vessel types.

Marine Surveying
Marine Surveying

Lashing surveys to ensure adequate strength, balance and number of lashings.

Pre-loading surveys in order to ensure cargo is stowed and secured throughout the voyage in accordance with cargo securing regulations.

Vessel Surveying

POMS conducts inspections and surveys of marine vessels to assess, monitor and report on their condition and the products on them.

Marine Surveying
Marine Surveying

On/Off Hire Surveys:  These surveys record the condition of nominated areas of the vessel at commencement or on completion of a charter.  

Condition Surveys: This provides a comprehensive report concerning the condition of the vessel  often undertaken prior to clients negotiating vessel charter or change of owner.

POMS also has a good deal of expertise and can provide the following services.

On/Off-Hire Condition Surveys

Bunker Survey

Draught Surveys

Marine Orders Compliance Surveys

Lashing/Securing Surveys on General & Containerised cargoes

Cargo Measurement Surveys

Cargo Condition Surveys

Ship Condition Surveys

Cargo Superintendence for all types of cargoes

Marine Insurance Claims, Assessments and Investigations.

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